E-Commerce Website

Ecom (ecommerce) addition for your existing website ? Need a full-featured catalog and shopping cart, along with real-time credit card processing? PWS offers the ideal way to add eCommerce to your existing or new Web site.

PWS provides ecommerce consulting and advisory services to help you establish an eCommerce strategy for your business. We help you explore the costs and benefits of using eCommerce and then to establish an appropriate strategy to make it a reality.

Your customers will see an exceptionally well designed, efficient site that’s easy to navigate. They will know that shopping for your company’s products will be easy and their credit card payments secure.

This is because Fine Art Web Services will:

  • Configure and design your ecommerce shopping cart
  • Build your catalog with pricing and pictures
  • Integrate secure certificate encryption
  • Enable credit card processing
  • Design email order receipt confirmation programs
  • Enable the logging and tracking of orders
  • Develop interfaces for real-time updates